Defining Preventative Public Health.

There are numerous challenges with the current corporate health offerings including:

  • limited consideration for the HR Advisor administering the program eg: man hrs, space, expenses
  • limited appeal to the 60-80% of people who need the support to get active
  • limited accountability to drive sustainable change across healthy habits.
  • limited focus on the complete health spectrum vs. simply activity
  • limited simple, tangible mechanisms to track sustainable change
  • limited personal touch beyond the engagement process
  • and accordingly, a negligible return on investment.

As recommended by numerous companies, foundations and communities Healthmet Technologies Inc makes the prospect of preventative public healthcare, tangible.

What is Healthmet
Healthmet is a Preventative Public Healthcare program. This program combines the essential blend of high touch & high tech features to motivate & sustain participation across pre determined health challenges.

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Why Healthmet
Healthmet is not a corporate or community health start up. Healthmet toolsets & programs are based on over two decades of hands on experience in the health and fitness industry. At the request of organizations Healthmet spent two years studying existing corporate health and workplace wellness  programs in order to identify existing gaps. Healthmet has been successfully implemented across kids, corporate and community based programs across the country, providing tangible results.

How does Healthmet work
The Healthmet  team will establish a baseline metric of health and then providing the appropriate level of incentive, accountability and follow up through an on line and offline programming.Click here to find out more about your Healthmet Corporate and Community Experience.

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